Diversion and mediation program for juveniles has been functioning from 15th November, 2010. Program gives chance to those juveniles, who have first time committed less grave crime. Major purpose of the program is to return full scale citizen to the society. For this very reason, rehabilitation and social reintegration of a juvenile is significantly important.

It is similarly important that a juvenile senses responsibility for the action he/ she has committed and reimburses damages you have received. This will allow juvenile to better realize negative effects of his / her action.

Diverted juveniles in most cases choose means for compensating damages themselves, or through the assistance of professionals involved in the program and through the participation of damaged party. Among already applied forms of reimbursing damages, following cases are interesting:

  • Labor contract was signed with Telasi. Juvenile was able to reimburse the damage with the received income;
  • Juvenile participated in the software development of cars' reservation for the staff of Ministry of Justice and Prosecutor's Office;
  • Juvenile assisted damaged person in gardening activities;
  • Juvenile performed duties of car cleaner's assistant in LTD Tbilisi Trasnport Company to reimburse the damage;
  • Juvenile worked as the assistant in sales unit in the Shop Populi to reimburse the damage;
  • Juvenile conducted dancing classes for the Tskneti Orphanage House students.

STATISTICS Diverted 5194   /   Repeated Crime 9