Juvenile Diversion and Mediation Program was launched in 15th November, 2010.

If you have committed less grave crime, prosecutor may make decision to involve you in the diversion program. Program will allow you to help the person who you have damaged. You will meet and speak to him / her. We would like to help you in reimbursing the damage. You will also have possibility to do good for public, as you have violated public order. Along with that, we will take care of your rehabilitation needs.

Services are extremely important for the diverted juveniles. That facilitates their mental, physical and professional development.

It is also important to communicate with the victim. You should prove to the victim that you are a person with dignity that you confess and want to live in calm environment, that you deserve a better future.

Diverted juveniles are very much willing to fulfill diversion agreement conditions. They choose themselves means for damage reimbursement.

We hope you will be successful in the diversion program. This mainly requires your willingness and efforts.

STATISTICS Diverted 5194   /   Repeated Crime 9